The way students who failed the previous year will be evaluated

The Education Minister said that the results of JSC and SSC will also be evaluated for those who failed one or more subjects in SSC examination last year. Deepu Moni. He said this at a press conference organized by the Ministry of Education on Wednesday afternoon to announce the decision on HSC and equivalent examinations. In response to a


খবরটি বাংলায় পড়তে নিচে চলে যান

question by reporters on the mode of entrance examination for universities, the Education Minister said that the matter will be decided by the universities. Therefore it is not yet clear. Dr. Deepu Moni said that how to take the exam in the corona situation is also a big challenge. Dual centers will be required for testing. But it will be difficult for education boards. Examination can be taken by shortening the subject or shortening the syllabus. But doing so

will cause some problems. In this case, many students may be affected. If a student is attacked during the exam, he cannot come to the center. We also see what other countries are doing in this regard. He said that various countries have canceled their exams, postponing some. The safety of the lives of the examinees is important to us. With these


considerations in mind, we have decided to take the HSC exam in a straightforward manner. But in this case we have to see that acceptance will be better for the students. According to the minister, I have decided to determine the results by evaluating the average results according to the results of SSC and JSC. We will decide what will happen to many SSC candidates if they go to various departments in HSC. I will announce the final results by December. So that university admission process can start from January.

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