Those who will get GPA-5 in HSC

This year’s HSC exam has been canceled. In this case, the evaluation result will be given based on the average number of JSC and SSC exams. This time it was revealed that those who got GPA-5 in both JSC and SSC would be given the same result in HSC. This information has been known on Wednesday from various education board


খবরটি বাংলায় পড়তে নিচে চলে যান

sources. A high level committee will be formed to determine the method by which the candidates will be given average marks. The result will be released without examination based on their recommendations. Those who failed in one or two subjects and were preparing for re-examination will be given autopass. Chairman of the Board of Inter-Education Coordination Prof. Jiaul Haq

He said that all students having GPA-5 in JSC and SSC can also be given GPA-5 in HSC. Students who fail one and two subjects and will re-register those subjects and the results will be published with a total GPA. He said that students with low GPA in both lower level exams are more likely to perform well in HSC exams. For this reason, even

if they are passed, the GPA number will be lower. However, all decisions will be finalized based on the recommendations of the Technical Committee of the Ministry of Education. Of these, 10 lakh 79 thousand 181 people are regular and two lakh 8 thousand 206 people are irregular.

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