Bad news for HSC candidates

This year’s HSC and equivalent examinations have been canceled due to coronovirus. It has been announced that all candidates registered in the 2020 academic year will get autopass. Now the question arises whether the money will be refunded for filling the examination form. Many student-parents have already demanded refund for filling the form. As the money has been spent in various fields, the Inter-Education Coordination Board stated that it is not possible to return it.

খবরটি বাংলায় পড়তে নিচে চলে যান

Many HSCs and equivalent examiners-parents stated that the examination has been canceled, so it is necessary to refund the fees collected for the examination. Many will benefit if returned. Many are under severe economic stress, especially due to corona.

He informed that two and a half to three thousand rupees have been recovered from about 14 lakh candidates across the country. Many colleges have again deposited large sums. He called upon the government to immediately return the money.

According to the Board of Education, in November last year, science students had to pay a fee of Tk 2,500 including center fees and students of humanities and commerce had to pay a fee of Tk 1,940 for filling the HSC form. Of these, the center fee (including practical fee) is Tk 805 for science and Tk 445 for humanities and commerce.

The center is also asked to exempt the duties including honorarium of the tag officer from duty. But those who have practical issues will have to pay Rs 25 for each letter. Further, for evaluation of practical answer sheets, a deduction of Rs 25 per letter has been made for internal and external examinees.

Rs.100 per letter for filling the form to a regular student, Rs.25 per practical letter, Rs. 50 academic / transcript fee, Rs. 100 certificate fee, Rs. 15 rover scout / girls guide fee and Rs. 5 National Education Week fee has to be paid. In fact, many colleges in the capital are charging more than the fees charged by the board. Currently the examinee-parents want the money back.

If you want to know about Professor, Chairman of Board of Inter-Education Coordination and Chairman of Board of Dhaka Education. Ziaul Haq said that there is no chance of refunding the registration fee. All the preparations for the exam were completed, question papers and answer sheets (OMR sheets) were prepared, all the preparations including the examination schedule were completed. It has cost a lot of money. The students had to do all this work with the money received from registration.

He further said that the examination has been canceled on the instruction of the Ministry of Education. But we had to make overall preparations to start the test. Due to this it is not possible to return the money. He also said that students will be given certificates along with registration fees.

At the online press conference on 8 October, the Education Minister announced the cancellation of this year’s HSC and equivalent examinations. Deepu Moni. He said that HSC results will be released on the basis of JSC-JDC and SSC and equivalent examination results.

The test was canceled after six months due to concerns over Corona status. Due to the Corona epidemic, many students demanded autopsy without being tested. Some parents also agreed not to take the exam. He praised the decision of the last government not to take the exam.

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