This time the organization of 2021 SSC examination is also uncertain

There is a possibility of an outbreak of coronovirus in the country in the second phase. Due to this, it is becoming uncertain whether the educational institute will be opened by December. Health experts fear that the deadly virus will continue to spread throughout the winter. And this has raised apprehension about conducting SSC exam in 2021.

According to the people concerned, Corona has caused immense damage to the country’s economy as well as the education sector. Almost a year has already been wasted. However, to compensate for the loss, the government continues to provide online classes and television lessons, but a large proportion of students are being denied that facility. Further the second wave of Corona will actually create new doubts about the SSC exam as well as the loss of teaching.

খবরটি বাংলায় পড়তে নিচে চলে যান

Pre-selection examination for class X students is usually held in July of the year and selection test is held in October. Pre-selection or half-yearly exams of class 12th students are held in July-August and December. Forms of SSC candidates are filled in November and the forms of HSC candidates are filled in December-January. Pre-selection examinations for SSC and HSC candidates have already been canceled. The following year HSC candidates did not even take the annual class XI exam. These students have been given the students ‘auto pass’ based on the results of various examinations taken at the college level and half-yearly examinations in class XI.

Chairman of the Board of Inter-Education Coordination Committee Prof. Ziaul Haq said that SSC exams are held in February and HSC exams are held in April every year. The coronation is closed. There is no opportunity to take a direct test or classroom test. Due to this, it will be difficult to complete the exam on time. If the situation is normal, any decision regarding exams and classes can be implemented.

It is known that a second wave of corona will begin in November, when the infection may increase further. Recently, the Minister of Education. Dipu Moni said that when the second wave comes, if the infection increases, then the opening of the educational institution is suspected. As such, it is uncertain whether educational institutions will open this year. Also, if there is an outbreak of corona in winter, there is doubt as to whether the educational institution can be opened at the beginning of the new year.

Asked when senior secretary of the Ministry of Primary and Public Education, Akram Al-Hussein, said that it was more prevalent in countries with winter weather. In our country winter starts from late November. Its incidence has been increasing since December. Outbreaks increase during this time. And if Corona grows, there is no opportunity to open an educational institution. If the situation is not normal, no class or examination can be physically taken by the students. The government will decide according to the situation.

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