Even though the exam was canceled, what the education minister has just said about university admission


Education Minister Dipu Moni said that despite canceling HSC and equivalent examinations this year, students will be able to take admission in the university on time. He said that students will be able to get admission in the university within the stipulated time based on the results of the JSC-JDC and SSC published average scores and HSC results after evaluation of equivalent examinations.


খবরটি বাংলায় পড়তে নিচে চলে যান

The Education Minister said this at a press conference organized by the Ministry of Education to announce the decision on HSC and equivalent examinations at around 1 pm on Wednesday.

The minister said that the situation would depend on whether the cluster procedure would be followed in the case of university entrance examination or whether the universities would adopt their own procedure. There are two months left to enter the university. The decision can be made according to the situation.

He said that a committee would be formed to advise the students on the last two public examination number assessment methods and grade determination and university admission. The final decision will be taken based on the advice of the committee. Since the SSC examination is not being conducted, the final stage of evaluation of the student will be university admission. In this case, the decision of the advisory committee will be given importance.

Earlier, the Minister said that the deferred HSC and equivalent examinations would not be taken directly and the results of SSC and JSC would be evaluated on an average basis.



The minister said, “We have decided to determine the results by evaluating the results of SSC and JSC on an average basis.” Many SSAC candidates go to various departments in HSC. In that case we will decide what will happen to them. The final results will be announced in December. So that university admission process can start from January.

The press conference was attended by Deputy Education Minister Mahibul Hasan Chaudhary, Secretary, Department of Secondary and Higher Education, Mahbub Hussain, Technical and Madrasa Education Secretary Aminul Islam Khan and Chairman of all Education Boards.

This time 13 lakh 65 thousand 69 candidates were participating in HSC-equivalent examination. Out of these 10 lakh 79 thousand 181 are regular and 2 lakh 8 thousand 206 are irregular. Some of them had to take the exam again if they failed in one or two subjects. There were 3,390 private candidates and 16,626 candidates due to poor results.


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