Just what the Prime Minister said about opening an educational institution


The Ministry of Education has announced the closure of educational institutions at certain stages from 16 March to prevent the spread of the global epidemic corona. The latest educational institution holiday has been declared closed till 31 October. However, this holiday will not be effective in the case of qawami madrasa. Video conference from the Prime Minister’s official residence Ganobaban on Monday

খবরটি বাংলায় পড়তে নিচে চলে যান

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has spoken of opening new educational institutions at the inauguration ceremony of World Child Rights Day and Child Rights Week 2020. The salary of teachers in Bangladesh is the lowest in South Asia. Children cannot go to school. this is

This is really hard for children. Because what will they do while sitting at home? ‘At that time, the Prime Minister said, adium mini stadiums are being built for children in every region of the country.’ Children in joint families do not suffer much. Because many people of the same age are with their relatives. Playing with them, quarreling, quarreling again


They have a good environment to play together and have a chance to talk. The government will take special steps to train primary teachers who will be given special training. We paid special attention. We have made food arrangements to create awareness about food and prevent storms in schools. So that they stay in school. ‘

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