Bangkok Walking Tour Pratunam

Bangkok Walking Tour Pratunam

National Stadium

If you are walking from the National Stadium Skytrain Station, follow Rama I Road in the opposite direction from Phayathai Road and the National Stadium will be the first building on your left. Also known as Pratunam Stadium, it is the main stadium for football and other sporting events in Thailand. Thais are passionate soccer fans, especially the English Premier League, and in 1996 the Professional Football League was launched. The white Art Deco façade of the stadium is very elegant, and when viewed up close, it includes some interesting Thai motifs.

Jim Thompson House

With the National Stadium on your right, take Rama I Road and turn left onto Soi Kasem San 2. Jim Thompson’s house will be to your left at the end of this gorge. Thompson played an integral role in reviving the Thai silk industry after World War II, and in 1959 he built his own home out of the many traditional Thai homes he brought to Bangkok from Ban Khara and Ayutthaya. Then reassemble them into a funky design, some of the walls are even turned upside down to better highlight her craftsmanship.

The small garden is densely planted and overlooks a narrow stretch of busy Khlong San Sap, which was a traditional center of silk weaving as well. Thompson was an expert collector of Southeast Asian art and antiques, and the house contains some stone carvings, Buddha heads, and traditional Thai paintings. There’s an easy casual feel throughout the whole place – it’s like Thompson himself just showed up for a moment. In fact, this is what he did in 1967, except that he never returned. While on a picnic, he disappeared without a trace in Malaysia. Entry into the house is not permitted without a guided tour. There is also a gift shop and café in a Thai-style building located directly inside the gates.

Siam Square

Follow your steps on Soi Kasem San 2 until you exit Rama I Road again, then turn left and follow it to the intersection with Phayathai Road. Siam Square is across from this intersection on the left. This is not a square in the usual sense, but rather a network of small connections between Chulalongkorn University and Rama I. Located directly across from Siam Center, one of Thailand’s premier shopping malls, and right next to many famous cinemas, this open-air square is lined with Both sides of it are small shops and stalls selling music, books, accessories, and clothing. Many young Thai designers also sell their work here. This area became a kind of new city center, is the intersection of Skytrain.

Across Rama, I Road from Siam Square is many upscale shopping centers, including the old Siam Center, as well as the newer Siam Discovery Complex and Siam Paragon complexes. Siam Paragon is also home to Siam Ocean World, a huge aquarium that is a huge draw, especially on weekends for families with children. In addition to the mandatory underwater tunnel, there is a huge reservoir eight meters deep with a reef. The smaller tank also provides visitors with the opportunity to touch marine creatures such as starfish.

Chulalongkorn University

Wander the various sites of Siam Square as desired, and when you are ready to go, return to Phayathai Road and turn left. Enter the campus through the gates overlooking the park and lake. Founded in 1916 by Rama VI, named after his father, King Chulalongkorn (Rama V), the oldest and most prestigious university in Thailand covers two blocks from the city center. The university’s central parks, located between Phya Thai Road and Henri Dunant.

They are the site of many attractive buildings, many of them in Rattanakosin style. An attractive mix of Thai and Western architecture. There is a large lake often used during the Loy Krathong Festival. Home to numerous museums and galleries. The university also has an auditorium used primarily for concerts of classical music. Bangkok Walking Tour Pratunam. It’s a fun place to wander around, especially during the semester. When you can see stylishly dressed Thai students roaming the grounds.

Wat Pathum and Anagram

Wander the campus of Chulalongkorn University at will, exit Henri Dunant Road and turn left. Walk to the end of the street and turn right onto Rama I Road and you’ll see Wat Pathum Wanaram to your left. This temple, with a group of enchanting buildings, arranged asymmetrically between trees and mature shrubs, and sitting across from a small canal, is unlike any other temple.

E city. It doesn’t feel urban or trapped despite opening up to a busy highway and can be seen by Skytrain and the surrounding skyscrapers. It is the home of the Phra Meru Mas, which is a reconstruction of the crematorium of the late mother princess. After the cremation of the mother princess in Sanam Luang in 1996, her remains were transported here in an elaborate procession.

The Erawan shrine

When exiting the temple complex, turn left onto Rama I Road and the Erawan Shrine will be across from the busy intersection of East and Ratchadamri Roads. One of the city’s most popular attractions in this stunning L-shaped mausoleum, due to its prominent location in a busy corner outside the Grand Hyatt Erawan. It dates back to the 1950s, when several accidents occurred during the construction of the hotel, therefore

A shrine for Brahma and Erawan (their Elephant Mountain) was created to try to satisfy evil spirits. Accidents ceased, making the shrine famous as a place to seek divine intercession. Bangkok Walking Tour Pratunam.

Believers come busy day and night to light incense and pray. Lovers who have answered their prayers often pay brightly dressed temple dancers to perform Thanksgiving. It’s interesting to note that even transit riders drop the handlebars temporarily to do the traditional deference when speeding. To get a good view of the Haram, climb the elevated pedestrian walkway that crosses this busy intersection.

Pratunam Market

With your back to the Erawan Shrine, take the Ratchadamri Road. This popular market occupies a maze of covered stalls and occupies most of this block. Pratunam means “watergate” in Thai and refers to the canal lock that was located on Khlong San Sap here.

It is a particularly good place to shop for inexpensive Indian fabrics and tailoring accessories. If you get hungry after all that shopping, Pratunam Market is also popular as a late-night dining spot. Long after the nearby bars and cinemas have closed. The countless noodle shops and food stalls remain open serving dinners and snacks. Bangkok Walking Tour Pratunam.

Baiyoke Tower II

Continue Ratchaprarop Road and take the first street to your left, where Baiyoke Tower 2 stands 309 meters high. Baiyoke Towers I and II design with Bangkok-based Plan Archer. So that seem to melt into each other as they move up the building. Baiyoke Tower I was once the tallest building in the city. However, Baiyoke Tower II of the same name has the distinction of being the tallest building in Thailand. Although its climax could have been more elegant, Baiyoke Tower II is still an impressive sight.

The 400-room Baiyoke Sky Hotel occupies floors 22 to 50 and offers guests a panoramic view of the city skyline. But for panoramic views that are really hard to beat. The observation deck on the 84th floor is the place to be, especially on a fog-free day. Another source of aerial excitement is the glass-clad access elevator that climbs rapidly over one corner of the building. Head now to the Sky Hotel’s nearby luxury bar for refreshment and savor a great Bangkok walking tour experience.

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