Toronto Historical and Beer Tour

Toronto Historical and Beer Tour

Taking the Old Toronto Beer Tour with Oliver Dawson is as fun and beneficial for long-time Toronto residents as it is for tourists visiting the capital of Ontario from abroad. Over the course of a seven-hour Saturday tour of four breweries in downtown Toronto and the historic Old York Fort, Dawson brings a fascinating and rarely told story of Toronto’s history against the backdrop of the evolution of Canadian breweries. And beer. For only $ 99 (2012 price), including lunch, training, and all the prep a body can make, what a bargain.

Dawson is such an interesting and entertaining character that one can hope to spend the day with a beer or not have a beer. He is unparalleled in his knowledge of Toronto’s history when it comes to brewing and breweries.

Why Oliver Dawson

Dawson’s in-depth knowledge of beer began nearly three decades ago when he was on a one-year study program in Germany. After his return to Ontario, he began work on one of the first craft beer operations in the country, the Upper Canada Brewing Company, as a tour host and sales representative. Ultimately, he leveraged his ingenuity and experience to create groundbreaking events in order to give the brewery a higher profile.

After becoming the Director of Marketing Development in Upper Canada, he returned to Europe for a year, opening new markets for the small brewery. Upon his return, he opened one of the first organized beer tours in Canada, the European Beer Lovers Tour.

The beer manager hasn’t looked back since, in 1998, he quit his traditional job and founded his own company, Beer Lovers’ Tour Company, which offers national and international beer tours and related activities.

Best Tour

For more than a decade, Dawson led the Old Toronto Beer Tour, while still organizing international tours. He also runs both corporate and private beer tasting events and is a sales and marketing consultant for the beer and hospitality industries. For several years he taught a beer appreciation course at George Brown College. Dawson appears regularly on television and radio when he searches for a Canadian expert in beer and brewing.

Saturday Toronto Brewery and historic tour of downtown microbreweries and landmarks.

Twenty-six beer enthusiasts gather on a sunny Saturday morning in late summer outside the Steam Whistle Brewery, waiting for the brewery to open at 11 a.m. Dawson arrives. The steam whistle blows around the clock, and the group travels to the top level of the unique historic building located between Lake Ontario and Rogers Center. Dawson offers a short introductory session, explaining his background and how he will go about the day. Each of us sits intently, listening as we sip a bottle of the European-style Pilsner brewery.

Tour guide Gracie Brewery guides us through the facility, explaining its history, the acquisition of the building that was formerly a Canadian Pacific Railroad, and of course, providing a detailed description of how beer was made, bottled, and marketed. Steam Whistle, a unique site in the Canadian beer trade, is exposed; It makes a deep impression in terms of product purity and quality and being an exemplary green industry. Toronto Historical and Beer Tour.

Grip Timing

Before leaving the brewery to board the old orange school bus to historic Fort York, Dawson offers a great lunch buffet featuring cold cuts, cheese, spiced peppers, eggplant, bread, and rolls. It encourages us to pack an extra sandwich later in the day, ensuring you’re welcome at some point during the afternoon to sample a beer.

Our visit to Fort York is short, but the historical link to the brewing is important. Our walk through a portion of the Canadian Heritage Site with its sprawling green meadows, canyons, and barracks, facing the Toronto waterfront, a thriving apartment block, and the CN Tower crossing the blue sky is fantastic, even for those who are anxiously awaiting their next brewery. We begin our lesson on the beginnings of beer brewing in Ontario dating back to the 1700s, including the importance of Irish immigration to the industry. British military policy at the time ruled that six pints of beer were part of the soldiers’ salaries. John Graves Simcoe, the first lieutenant-governor of Upper Canada, encouraged local breweries to operate. Thus began the race to open breweries.

Dawson mixes two good today. The next stop is at Amsterdam Brewery, with samples of different beer styles including fruit infusion, wheat, traditional beer, dark beer, and more. Amsterdam scratches the itch of the few who are impatient for the next dose. More history, as we learn about regulatory policies and the importance of Molson and Carling in the growth of the industry. Toronto Historical and Beer Tour.

Vacation for Travel

We traveled from the informal casual gathering in Amsterdam to an official tasting at Six Pints ​​Specialty Beer Co. & Beer Academy. This small brewery in the heart of Toronto’s financial district is a center of learning, retail, and gastronomy. We are here to test three cocktails released the day before, under Nick’s tutelage. We tasted Hefeweisen with half wheat barley and half caramel, revealing hints of citrus, banana, and spice. Again, a session beer you’ll feel comfortable sipping over a few hours. The initial taste of Hefeweisen changes dramatically after drinking Belgian or Porter drinking. Nick asks, “Which one is your favorite? Would it be the same if you had to drink it all night?”

Next, we will visit Corktown, an area noteworthy for having the highest concentration of plants. Toronto Historical and Beer Tour.

The beer and distillery in Canada are at its peak. The workout portion of the day goes well as we walk the many picturesque streets and alleys, as well as the site of the old Dominion brewery. Toronto’s history comes to life; Its relationship to fermentation is very clear now. Dawson achieved his goal.

The Old Toronto Beer Tour 

The last stop for most of us is the revitalized section of Toronto’s Distillery District, a series of cobbled pedestrian paths lined with brownstone buildings of the 19th century that are now home to high-end shops, restaurants, galleries, and, yes, watering holes. It’s been more than 40 minutes since we last drank, so Mill St. Brewery located in the heart of the call district. The variety of products we have offered continues to date. It’s a Saturday afternoon, so there are other beer lovers wandering around, trying out different drafts. The barrel is emptied periodically; We waited over a minute to refill our cups.

Most of the group members go to the window store and then head home or to the hotel before dinner. However, the bus was waiting for a handful of those who agreed to attend dinner with Dawson. They’ll dine in Uptown at the Granite Brewery, for a four-course meal with each dish infused with a different beer. Next time you take an Oliver Dawson Old Toronto Beer Tour, dinner is sure to include. Toronto Historical and Beer Tour.

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